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Rive is a FREE online interactive fashion magazine filled with the highest quality and most original photos, articles, and content. Rive does NOT place any strong emphasis on any type or style of fashion; rich or poor; high fashion or streetwear; Rive's mission is to spread the phrase 'Fashion is Fashion (FIF)'; which simply means to accept all styles and types of fashion since fashion is all about self expression. It's time the fashion world unites!

Rive magazine was released in June 2008 and is a paperless magazine that supports green living. Think of all the fashion magazines that come out every month with some issues weighing in over 1 to 2 pounds of paper. How much paper do you think that is? Lets say a printed fashion magazine prints out 30,000 copies of one issue that contains 200 pages (100 pieces of paper). That's 3,000,000 pieces of paper for just one issue of one magazine that ultimately ends up in the trash.


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