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Voila Fashion & Handcrafted Accessories (Miami, FL)
Jewelry Designer

This showcase has jewelry designs custom–made by Voila Fashion & Handcrafted Accessories only. At your request a design can be crafted specifically for you. Please enjoy the showcase!

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Crafting jewelry allows me to be creative and display techniques that convey detail and uniqueness. This enhances the beauty and quality of each product. My interest in the fashion design has increased since residing in South Florida going on nine years. By incorporating various methods and using durable products my craft caters to most domestic markets. The art also allows me to spend ample time with my family while providing for them and doing what I enjoy.


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Voila Fashion & Handcrafted Accessories

Custom Bracelet & Earring Set
Custom Made Earrings
Custom Bracelet & Earring Set
Custom Bracelet
Wood Bead Bracelet & Earring Set