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Xquisite L'egance, LLC. (Miami, FL)
Fashion Designer

Xquisite L’egance (pronounced “exquisite elegance”) was founded in 2006, by Shante’ Styles. We specialize in combining an urban, yet elegant feel to garments. Our mission is to raise the bar and set a new standard for the fashion industry by creating diverse garments that reflect the lifestyles of today’s women, by relying on those lifestyles and personalities to define our fashion trends.

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Born and raised in Miami, FL, Shante’ studied Fashion Design at AIMIU. She founded Xquisite L‘egance in 2006, while still attending school. After graduating in 2007 she went to work establishing her brand. Shante’ decided that Xquisite L’egance would definitely represent the qualities she looks for in garments; quality, comfort, class, and sex appeal. “Miami’s fashion market is full of sex appeal, however, lacking in the department of quality and class. I love to feel sexy in a very classy way. While in school I discovered my niche, for combining an urban and elegant feel to my garments, which was the inspiration for the name, Xquisite L’egance.” (pronounced Exquisite Elegance)

Shante’s designs has been featured in several fashion shows including Fashion Week of the America’s (Miami’s Fashion Week) and Tampa Bay Fashion Week. In 2008 Shante’ showcased her Spring/ Summer 2009 collection ,“Self Evolution”, at Tampa Bay’s Fashion Week.


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Xquisite L'egance, LLC.

Self Evolution Collection
Sefl Evolution Collection
Antique Collection
Self Evolution Collection
Self Evolution Collection
Self Evolution Collection