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M.O.W. Ex 31:3 Patterndrafting,grading,m (CHICAGO, IL)
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Manner of Workmanship Exodus 31:3 Pattern drafting, grading and Manufacturing services

Services–Sewing/Patterndrafting Lessons, Patterndrafting 7 plus years
grading,knitting, crocheting, jewelry, sewing – variety of experiences for over 30 years.

Products–cards, poetry books, pocket squares, vintage clothes constructed over 20 years ago, modern fabrics sewn into vintage styles.Vintage fabrics sewn into modern styles,vintage fabrics sewn into vintage styles, contact me for details about services/products.


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M.O.W. Ex 31:3 Patterndrafting,grading,m

3 piece prom outfit
Prom dress with 71 inch bridal train with 3 color patchwork