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Michael Andrus (Vancouver, WA)
Fashion Photographer

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About the Photographer

While I have always had a passion for aesthetics and imagery, it took many years to learn to focus on a single medium for my art. For 15 years I have worked primarily in the fields of computer generated imagery and digital editing where I learned the basics of composition and lighting. This unique background gives me an edge over many photographers who have only studied classical photography. Because of this I am not constrained by more traditional photographic techniques and am therefore able to capture a much more vivid world. Although I specialize in fashion and glamour, I also work in most genres that are focused on people. My fun nature causes me to gravitate toward this type of work and it tends to show up in the images I create with those who I photograph.

The images that I produce capture the essence of my subject, a beauty that most people only see in a fleeting glance. That one moment where the observer sees the true beauty of a person that makes them realize a special feeling of love, admiration, joy, awe, intrigue or any combination of these powerful emotions. These are the sensations that I feel through the lens.

As with all forms of art, there are many differing opinions on what looks the "best." This site is designed to showcase some of my work to help you decide whether or not my style is the best suited for your photography needs. So browse around and have a look at some of my work and let me know if you would like to collaborate on a project in the future.

I am always interested in meeting fellow photographers, Make–Up Artists, Stylists, Models etc to network, discuss our art, and make great contacts in this business. If you are a model or stylist in or around the Portland area send me a message or leave a comment. Even if I do not require your services at this time, I am sure I know someone who does.

Michael Andrus

About the studio

Located in beautiful Portland, OR, MA Photography has one of the world's most beautiful locations as a backdrop for its innovative work. We are located in NW Portland near the fremont bridge.

In addition to our regular services, we occasionally host specialty shoots at the studio, so anyone in the industry who happens to be close by may find a good opportunity at one of these events.


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Michael Andrus