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Oney Farm Originals (Whitleyville, TN)

THE APRON SHOP – To me aprons are a timeless symbol of family, home & hearth! Tie one on and make some memories! Don't see the right 'memory maker' in our shop... click on the 'Request a Custom Item' button and let us help you make a memory!

STEP BEYOND the APRON SHOP – Oney Farm is so much more than the aprons in our shop! We can make any custom sewn or assembled craft item. If you have a sketch, idea or just can't find that special item, contact us and we will create it for you!

We also specialize in making items for special needs children & adults. It's hard to mainstream your child when you can't buy off the rack like the other kids. We will work with you to design today's fashions with those 'special needs' built in! If you are caring for an adult loved one or you yourself have a special need, call us at 931–678–4458 or send us a message!

START UPS & BUSINESS OWNERS – With over 30+ years of experience and a dedicated shop equipped with commercial & home use machines, we can take your ideas to the next level! We make a high quality product to your specifications with on time delivery. If you are looking for a company to produce your proto type, give us a call. We will work with you from paper to product.

Our shop is set up for single piece custom items & production runs.
We have an on call experienced workforce to ensure on time delivery and high quality work!

Contact Oney Farm for all your sewing needs... we're more than aprons!

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We are based in rural TN and when gas was at an all time high, the egg money just wasn't enough to help buy the gas to get my husband to work. So I got creative and opened Oney Farm Originals. We renovated one of the barns and are equipped with both commercial and home use machines. We have the capacity to do production runs or small orders. I have over 40 years sewing and production experience in both the commercial and private sectors.

We design and manufacture our own line of aprons but welcome custom orders. We can make any style apron in your preferred color, design and fabric and to you specifications.

Contract sewing is also a large part of our business! We make a quality product and would be happy to offer a quote based on your requirements and specifications.


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Oney Farm Originals

Dots on Red Handmade Denim Waist Apron
Pumpkin Harvest Fluid Resistant BBQ Style Apron
Cookin' with Chili Heat Full Style Apron