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Creative Edge Imports (Vancouver, WA)
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Creative Edge Imports brings you products from around the Globe.


My name is Karl Wischnofske, I am the Marketing & Sales Director for Creative Edge Imports. I am ready to assist your wholesale purchase of our world styles and custom antiques. Please let me know if I can help make this website more user friendly or if there are any questions or comments you would like to share.

Creative Edge Imports has so many fine products to offer. We hope that this site will help you find just the right item for your store, boutique or gift shopping list. We can help you find most any product you seek and we can offer custom manufacturing of most any item. If you have a product you need assistance in developing, please let us know. We can do small production runs, custom patterns and cuts, private labeling, pre–wrapped gift items and so very much more.

Creative Edge Imports is your source for the world styles and treasures that will set your store apart from the crowd. We are here to help make all of your business dreams come true. We can find the items you want, we can beat most any price and we can offer that to you will friendly service, a big smile and fantastic product quality. Thank you for visiting our place of business. We look forward to serving you and to building long term, mutually beneficial business relationships.


Karl Wischnofske
Marketing & Sales Director
Creative Edge Imports


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Creative Edge Imports

Top Cheong Sam color P19
Top Pink Agra short color 186+173
Top Shanghi color 6
Top Wrap LS color 136
Dress Shanghai color 19
Duster V Neck color 157