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X-pose Photography (Philadelphia, PA)
Fashion Photographer

High fashion, bit risque, right on the edge. Alt influenced.

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"If Marilyn Manson was a stylist at Vogue magazine, the photographs would look like Jeff Cohn's (www.x– portfolio." This prolific 33 year old Philadelphia photographer's work blends a combination of High Fashion, Editorial, Commercial, and Alternative into a visual buffet you wont soon forget.*

After acquiring his degree in marketing, Jeff started his career in earnest as Tour Photographer for the Industrial Rock band KMFDM. He quickly built his name as a fresh new face in the world of Alt and Fashion Photography. His current goals are to break down the doors of the High Fashion Industry at large and bring some more edge to the covers of the top fashion magazines and the campaigns of the world's elite designers. He would love to shoot for Alexander Mcqueen, A–kris, or Royal Underground Clothing one day.

For extend portfolio and booking information please visit www.x– or

Look for Jeff's work featured in "Culture De Tragegies" an upcoming coffee table book of the world's top Alternative Photographers! (Coming Soon)


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X-pose Photography

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