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(#1450)   Liz Johnson
Member since: 10/20/2008

Liz Johnson is a woman who illuminates with professionalism and expects the same from the fashion industry which she is deeply embedded in. She aims to nurture the talents of models, up and coming fashion designers and the fashion industry as a whole. While proudly working behind the scenes, Liz’s marquee signature is found in her work ethic and ability to transform her craft to the highest levels.

At 27, Liz has traveled down many artistic avenues and has successfully made a name for herself as model, actress, instructor and currently entrepreneur. At the tender age of six, the Mobile, Alabama native would begin to study modeling, tap and ballet. After relocating to Waller, Texas, Liz was diagnosed with scoliosis during her sophomore year of high school, which caused her to transition from stellar track star to flourishing actress/model. During her senior year, after being forced to move back to her hometown she decided to attend Barbizon School of Modeling and Acting.

Upon her completion of runway modeling and acting courses at Barbizon School of Modeling and Acting, Liz would take her passion to Alabama State University where she received her B.A. in Theatre Arts in May 2006. Liz’s exceptional acting gained her much notoriety as well as full scholarship offers from ten elite Theatre graduate programs in the country as well as London, England. After shortly attending Florida Atlantic University’s MFA program for acting, Liz decided to relocate to Atlanta, Georgia in hopes to become a print model and stage actress. The work was slim and just a month later Liz would return to her alma mater to teach runway modeling and basic acting courses.

Liz would invest what was instilled in her and in the process birth Elizané Productions. She admits the creation of Elizané Productions built up her confidence due to her ability to be more than a model/actress but also marketing herself as the complete package. Liz’s competitive, disciplined and professional spirit undoubtedly resonates in her company. Liz extends her talents by managing a full–service Production Company and making sure her brainchild Elizané Productions stands out from what’s already established.

Liz Johnson is a hard worker. She’s a woman of her word. When it’s all said and done, Elizabeth “Liz” Johnson wants her students, peers, the fashion industry, consumers and rivals to know, “she does what she says she’s going to do to the best of her ability in a timely fashion. She’s creative, innovative, imaginative, and the best that ever done it.”


"Spring into your Passion for Fashion" Show

Red Pearls...Classy Dolls

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Atlanta International Fashion Week
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"Bridging the Gap and Connecting Continents through Fashion & Entertainment"

Atlanta, GA
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(#951)   Atlanta International Fas
Member since: 07/30/2008

"Honoring Today's Fashion Icons and Supporting Tomorrow's Trendsetters"

Now in its third year, AIFW will bring together some of the industry’s brightest stars, designers, and industry experts for a five day event packed with runway shows, trade shows, lavish dinners and glamorous events. Beginning in August of 2007, AIFW made history as the Atlanta Fashion Network presented the first annual Atlanta International Fashion Week with its benefits and big name designers that attracted Atlanta’s finest and an international presence. In 2009, once again, from July 22nd to 26th, fashion will take center stage for the of the most highly anticipated fashion event of the year featuring international fashion moguls, celebrities, models, agents, press and buyers at downtown Atlanta’s prominent, Atlantic Station.

In producing AIFW, the Atlanta Fashion Network plans to shape fashion and style by displaying what Atlanta has to offer in fashion to the world. Atlanta is known to be a chief influence and birthplace of numerous mainstream musicians and genres, however it is the goal of AIFW Director, Paula Whittle, to have Atlanta recognized as an emerging fashion capital. She says: “Atlanta is known as a music Mecca, but is now becoming a site for fashion stimulus, and can now play a major role in the fashion arena and gain international recognition. I want to bridge the two to create a powerful, innovative convergence.” With that, the Atlanta International Fashion Week will welcome international designers and models from various countries such as London, Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Korea, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

Atlanta International Fashion Week will offer innovative and informative workshops and fashion based curricula within Pretty Academy School of Fashion. Classes will be instructed by industry experts and AIFW Fashion Council such as and many more. In addition, AIFW will feature an exquisite and innovative trunk show, “Fashion Store” and premiere fashion runway shows.

AIFW have featured catwalk favorites from famous lines such as House of Dereon, Ed Hardy, Rock & Republic, True Religion, Akademiks, Apple Bottoms, Enyce, Baby Phat, Phat Farm, Rocawear, Ashley Stewart, Mecca, LRG, Azzure, and Young Jeezy’s 8732, plus many more. Some of the elaborate shows include Kouture Kids, Urbanstyle Fashion Affair, Exotica, Fantasy Island, Curvy Couture, PRIVE Fashion Affair, and Men of Style to cater to the style in everyone.

Atlanta International Fashion Week has teamed up with the fashion industry’s internationally renowned elite to afford aspiring designers and models the opportunity to network, learn, and enjoy the best that Atlanta has to offer in fashion, style, glamour, and nightlife at various acclaimed venues, night clubs and restaurants. This star–studded affair will be entertaining and designed to benefit local and national charities all in the name of fashion. Some of the many AIFW past sponsors and partners include Mercedes Benz of Atlanta, GIANT Magazine, Six Degrees Magazine, Paul Mitchell School, John Robert Powers, Wilhelmina Dan Agency, Uptown Magazine and many more.

To become a part of the experience, contact 888.215.5141 or

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Runway Rampage Models of Distinction 201
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Atlanta, GA

"Our Models Are Our Show"

Fashion & Philanthropy
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"Is where HIS Fashion never felt soo right..."

(#3903)   Fashions United
Member since: 03/11/2010

History of Emmanuel G. Scott –

Emmanuel Scott grew up in Buchenbeuren, West Germany, where he received extensive training from schools on language, history of fashion, art and foreign customs for many years.

Throughout Emmanuel's extensive career he has done work for individuals such as Calvin Klein and many others. His travels have taken him all over the world to such places as Paris, France; London, England; Brussels, Belgium; Frankfurt, Germany; Aviano, Italy; Sigonella, Sicily; Amsterdam, Holland and many more.

Emmanuel's goal is to help uplift our community through fashion, changing the way people feel about themselves through developing character, self–esteem, and leadership skills. From that, Emmanuel started his own company, Le’unamme Fashion International.

On July 4, 2007, Le’unamme Fashion International, Inc. was brought to the United States, setting up a connecting base in Atlanta Georgia, with the objective to show the world the true beauty fashion holds. While based in Atlanta, Emmanuel collaborated with C.E.O of Atlanta Fashion Network, Paula Whittle, as the Vice President of Atlanta International Fashion Week to establish Atlanta as a new fashion icon like that of New York.

Having now partnered with one of the most respected non–profit organizations in Atlanta, GA (Corporate Code) owned by James W. Brashears III, Le’unamme Fashion International Inc. has taken an even more dramatic and soon to be influential turn in the fashion industry.
Fashions United, formerly known as Le’unamme Fashion International Inc. is dedicated to enhancing the lives of those well deserving. With crazy mixtures of designers, artist, photographers, models, and production team, this company now brings a unique high fashion blowout experience, created to improve the image of all men and women.

The philosophy of Fashions United is to rear well–rounded, self–motivated, groomed individuals that lead by example by providing them with the resources to turn their weaknesses into strengths.

Fashions United, LLC is an innovative organization that specializes in merging the worlds of fashion and philanthropy.

Focused on the Atlanta, GA market Fashions United understands the importance of giving back as a way to fuel the economy we live, work and play in.

This series of events was created as a vehicle for individuals to display their talents, passions and live their dreams all while being a part of the solution.

Established in 2009, this premier collaborative effort will routinely bring together a diverse group of the biggest hearts, emerging talents, trendsetters, fashion icons, and industry leaders.

We invite you to join us for FASHION & PHILANTHROPY – – a weekend of cutting edge fashion shows, entertainment, and socializing all for great causes.

SAVE the Dates for
2010 Events/Celebration
June 24 – 27th 2010
Atlanta, GA

More information coming soon…

Registry Image: Merging the worlds of Fashions and Philanthropy by bringing together a diverse group of people for a week of cutting edge fashion shows, entertainment, and socializing all center around great causes.

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Miss Glam USA
Fashion Show
Columbus, GA

"This is NOT a Pageant, It's BETTER than a Pageant!"

Fashions & Philanthropy
      Fashion Week
Atlanta, GA


Glenda Boone
Fashion Week
Atlanta, GA

"The Ultimate Celebration of Natural Beauty"

Fashion Feed
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Atlanta, GA


39 Trammell St #30
Atlanta, GA 30064
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(#464)   Challotine Cius
Member since: 04/11/2008

The mission of Fashion Feed™ is to save lives of children around the world who are suffering from the lack of love, affection and inspiration, not just a meal. The greatest poverty is one of a child who’s lost hope in life. We at Fashion Feed™ believe it’s time to heal minds, hearts and nourish bodies through the love of the ARTS
I founded Fashion Feed to give back to the world what I’ve received as a child. I was born into a house hold of two financially poor immigrant parents that had no real knowledge about the new country they were in and were there next meal would come from. As a child I never acknowledged my self as poor, because I never knew I was poor. I was raised with love even when my parents were struggling financially they had faith and aspiration for my sister and I. I never had the latest clothes or toys and my sister wore my hand–me–downs. Of course I complained at times, but nevertheless, I survived my adolescent image crisis years. One thing was for sure, I was never poor in spirit, love, aspirations, dreams or smiles and kisses. That being said, I felt compelled to send a message to the world that poverty is a financial circumstance that we can not let become a mental disease. So I created this company to give these children a part of my childhood blessing! The first thing that comes to mind when we think about poverty, is HUNGER. Poverty is a state of mind, not just a way of life!! It’s not a life style someone choose, but a life someone is born into or an effect to life situations. Feeling bad for someone that is without doesn’t help the situation, it just worsens it. It can only get better if you do something about it! The greatest poverty is one of a Child who’s unloved or has no hopes and aspirations in life!! That is “The Poster Child with No Poster”. Fashion Feed is here to Feed the Minds, hearts and bodies of every child around the world. Not just Africa, Haiti, Malaysia…any and everywhere. Children are hungry for more then a daily meal. They HUNGER for: Life, Hope, Acknowledgment, Love, Understanding, Aspirations of Dreams, Education, Praise, Affections.. and more…. It’s not enough to just to shed a tear after hearing a story of a child without or seeing a picture of a child naked and hungry. Shed a prayer of hope by doing something. Sew into their lives by putting in time, share some kind words, give some love, give a meal, give education or whatever you can spare monetarily. What they need is so small and it does so much. I was told a long time ago that when raising a child, it takes a tribe. So do something for the future blessing of our nations. Give them the Hope they need to become strong, loving productive individuals. At the end of the day, they will be the voice of our future. It is our divine duty to help them along their journey!!! Do your part by attending our events and/or donate to our cause directly. Fashion Feed events benefit different organizations and countries from the US to China and cause to fight some type of hunger. Whether it is a school to feed there educational hunger or to clothed them to feed their hunger for self perception. Every little bit helps. Thank you for your contributions. Please subscribe to our blog and log on to our site at

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Paula Whittle
Fashion Week
Atlanta, GA