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(#4618)   Keren Giat
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My name is Keren Giat, I was born and raised in Yavne (Israel), married with a child.
All my life I was fascinated and intrested in fashion, styling, correct dress style, matching colors, accessories and more ...

Before my military service I went to Paris and worked in the design field at the "Sentier" district, the heart of the fashion industry in Paris.
The strength and inspiration I received gave me to understand how I'm connected, love and excited about this area.

At age 23 I moved to Tel Aviv, I worked in designer stores and bridal shops.
All my life I received many compliments on the originality, sense of style, taste, and correct improvisation, and I quickly found myself as the adviser of the circle of my friends and my family.

Following that connection I decided to become expert and specialize in sewing and styling so I took a course of sewing and course of styling with the guidance of "Gadi Elimelech" and "Jonah Milstein" at "Shenkar" college, and there I got the right tools that are helping me to continue doing what I love and doing best.

These days I provide consultation services for personal styling and styling for fashion productions and I'll be glad to provide you these services as well.


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