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South Korea
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South Korea
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Aceapparel company was established since 2001 by Mo Deok Won
of Korea.
We are specializes in pattern designing, grading,
and marking services. with in 20 years of experience,
Aceapparel CAD System software was developed by our company
and we introduced to our customers in 2008.

This software has the capacity to perform digitizing,
pattern designing, grading, marking, automatic nesting,
and import/export of files like dxf, AAMA dxf, Gerber's tmp ,
Lectra's IBA file.
With the simple tools and short cut keys customers are more
convenient and work easily.

We are continuously studying and researching for the development of Aceapparel CAD System.

Aceapparel are selling Acecad software, digitizer, and plotters which are supported around the world.
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