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Entrepreneur Fashion Designer Neith Rasuten founded her company Gemz by Design with the debut of her clothing line collection which included Mens and Womenswear in May of 1998 to stellar reviews. Today the company has expanded to include handbags, belts and other fashion accessories. This line under the label of Nit Ra Sit Originals with items in boutiques in Richmond, Virginia, New York, New York, speciality boutiques and in online stores. Born in Harlem New York to first generation immigrants from Haiti. Nit (as she is known to friends) spent a great deal of time with her grandmother who was a schoolteacher in Haiti. She instilled in me a great love for the arts. Painting and playing the piano and an appreciation for Jazz and Classical music are among some of the many talents I possess because of her. I have always been drawn to the art and beauty in cultures. My first line explored juxtapositioning of traditional fabrics of other countries with modern fashion design of the Americas. World history also plays a role in my design aesthetic the Harlem renaissance in particular also images from the great pyramids..Having studied at the Schomberg Center for Research in Black Culture Library for the Arts for one year, which lead to my discovery of the continent and my cultural identity. Although encouraged to enter into law school my desire to be a creative was stronger. I started by working in the fashion industry interning at first at various firms to grasp what it took to be a full service design firm, which was my ultimate goal. Opportunities to learn at Pattern grading companies as well as the business end of the industry as a Productions coordinator and also having worked with top designers as an apprentice gave me the required skill set to follow my dreams of business ownership. This background allowed me to obtain the knowledge to build a full service design studio that can take a client from the sketch stage of a garment idea to the finished end product in one location. By the time I was twenty two I was working in my own studio creating items on a client to client basis after two years of working in this manner. I began to create designs for off the rack purchase. As a local business entrepreneur I began to reach out to the community by attending and participating in local fairs and showcasing my skill set.

Today the company consists of a staff of sketch artist, technical writers, CAD designers seamstress and tailors, professional pattern makers and interns who help create garments for individuals and we perform private label services for a number of companies world wide. We have worked with celebrity clients and continue to promote our businesses on social network platforms as well as promotional showcases. I am fortunate to have been successful at it for over fifteen years.

In January of 2010 a devastating earthquake torn through the island of Hispaniola where the tiny island nation of Haiti resides. Hundreds of thousand are suspected to have perished in the disaster. Gems by Design and Nit Ra Sit Originals started a give back program by partnering with local organization and churches to assist in the rebuild efforts. I personally started a channel where anyone wanting to learn the art of garment construction could find instruction for free. The classes are taught in English and in Creole. My channel is named Sewing for Haiti.

Most recently Neith, has worked with Ms. La La Anthony on her set at Bravo Studios in NYC.

Ms. Rasuten currently resides in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn and continues to work from her design studio.
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Neith Rasuten
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