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Hello, I am Krisztina and I am from a little town of Hungary. Now I am a dressmaker but also I have been a computer teacher in Budapest and I am a true lover of astrology.

I try to solve the problems of those looking a swimsuit or underwear personalized, customized and made to measure, applying my knowledge and experience.

Why dressmaker? My story:
As a kid, I was much taller than the average and I struggled to find clothes that fit me, trousers were always too short!
I hated not being able to wear anything nice and when I was just about 12 I decided to start creating my own clothes. It was amazing, finally I could wear trousers of my size!
That was back in the Eighties, and in all those music videos made in USA I could see wonderful singers wearing T–Shirts and jackets I loved, yet I could not find them in Europe. That was when making clothes went from being a necessity to a true and deep passion. I was proud of going out with clothes that looked like the american ones, clothes I made by myself!!!

This hands–on activity was useful to make myself confident in my abilities, and I suggest everyone to have a hobby, and to practise manual activities as they are really useful for each own personal growth. When I grew up I went from playing Lego to create bracelets and necklaces to crochet sew my own pullovers. I never played with Barbies (even if I could make them very nice clothes!), I loved more having lots of pets, living entities, rather than still dolls.

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