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Dumb Eyes
Fashion Illustrator
Seattle, WA

"A creative graphic and web design studio for the fashion industry"

1122 E Pike St. #1473
Seattle, WA 98122
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Member since: 01/07/2008

Dumb Eyes is a boutique graphic and web design and studio established in 2005, firmly grounded in the belief that a client's design begins the moment they walk through the door. There are no cookie cutters on site, and Dumb Eyes treats each and every project as an original work of art that is executed with the attention and creativity it deserves. Dumb Eyes takes each effort from its initial concepts to the final product, guiding the project through the lens of your mission.

SERVICES Graphic Design, Web Design, Fashion Marketing, Fashion Design, Look Book Design, Illustration and Animation

RECENT CLIENTS: Arthur Magazine, Blvd Gallery, Corbis, Lego, Microsoft, Thread Fashion Show, Virgin Mobile, Viaduct Bags, Zebra Club

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