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Aimée Charlize Limited
Singapore, Singapore

"Aimée Charlize glamorous and elegant at all times"

(#4843)   Amy Carter
Member since: 01/11/2012

New Paris–based luxury fashion label formally known as Rykiel Rejean but now Aimée Charlize in an effort to strengthen our brand’s and designer’s individuality.

Aimée Charlize saw the official launch of its premiere line, a spring–summer collection, at a special fashion show–performance showcase at Beijing, China in May 2010.

According to Aimée Charlize designer Amy Carter, the high–end couture brand offers discerning women exclusive fashion crafted with classic lines and touches of French elegance especially with a particular emphasis on the artistic nature of the city of Paris as a major inspiration.

Drawing inspiration from the life of Paris, Aimée Charlize couture is the work of an independent designer. Each garment is made with exceptional craftsmanship to be both flattering and enduring.

Five categories divide the label: Elegant, Glamorous, Classic, Professional and Casual. So whether it’s to send a stunning message at a party or to create a confident, feminine look for the office, Aimée Charlize has the garment you desire.

Registry Image: Aimée Charlize glamorous and elegant at all times

Hip hop glittering top with slim cut jean for youngster. Black slack pant and jacket for elegant women.

Aimée Charlize is glamorous and elegant at all times. Classic lines, contemporary constructions and luxurious fabrics combine to create garments that express the individual’s femininity and presence.

Aimée Charlize accessories are classic and beautiful. Limited-edition accessories include clutches, shoes and jewellery.

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