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LILAK Studios
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"Do What You Want, Say What You Mean, Wear What You Love."

Madison, TN 37115
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LILAK Studios will provide you with the most innovative and creative retail line in online apparel, accessories and home furnishings.

Through LILAK Studios we have constructed an outlet through which to leave our mark on the world while making a statement about it. By utilizing our talents as trained artists we have created a strong foundation based on the fervent need for artistic and individual expression. This foundation will serve as the inspiration in creating our line, whether it be for the activist or the trend setter.

LILAK Studios provides a wide range of clothing, accessories and home furnishings to the young adult community. We can custom design and print t–shirts, sweatshirts, bags and other fashion accessories to suit your needs from 1 to 100 units. In our home store, LILAK also offers retro inspired home furnishings, office supplies and decor at an affordable price, perfect for the stylish young adult of today. It is the desire of LILAK Studios and it's staff to be able to consistently provide exquisite products, unique to LILAK both in quality and design, while serving you in the fastest and most efficient manner possible.

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