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Corazon by Sigmund Designs
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"A touch of simplicity & elegance"

Everett,WA 98208
Everett, WA 98208
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About CFF,LLC dba Corazon by Sigmund Designs

About Cora's Fashion Fusion,LLc dba Corazon by Sigmund Designs:

CFF dba Corazon by Sigmund Designs started with just a thought of introducing a Filipino Talent to the US in the Wedding industry. This mere thought was put together and thus CORAZON BY SIGMUND DESIGNS was born. in 2008. The store boutique store has its GRAND OPENING in Baguio City, Philippines on August 24, 2008.

The name Corazon has a very special meaning not only that it's a beautiful name. It is named after my late mother who passed away 10 years ago. She once dreamed of having her own business but did not live long enough when she lost her battle in cancer. That dream did not die with her, I am now living that dream through Corazon by Sigmund designs business venture.

Cora's Fashion Fusion, LLC dba CORAZON by Sigmund designs, is a range of credible services from concept to creation that serves as a gateway for people across the world to access and attract their fashion lifestyles with ELEGANCE, recognizing that each individual are unique in their own fashion sense and style. It will provide clients with the best practiced knowledge–centric services with honesty and integrity.

Our vision is to earn an excellent reputation within the industry as a globally–competitive business ensuring good rapport consultancy and to deliver the products with good product quality & services. And to do business with retailer stores as their wholesaler for Formal Dresses.

We will strive to meet your needs from simple dresses to elegant ones.

We offer services such as: Wedding Entourage/barong tagalong/Gowns for all Occasions/Casual Dresses/Invitations/Give–aways/Office/School supplies/Gown Rentals

A Boutique store is now open for your convenience for those who live in the Philippines. It is located at;

Unit 3,104 Alfonso Tabora Brgy Baguio, City 2600–Corazon by Sigmund Designs

The products are designed himself by Sigmund Parel who has been in this Industry for 10 + years. Took Designing courses and earned his degree at Cora Delarosa School of Fashion in Manila, Philippines.More details about the designer on which is coming soon!

As a young aspiring Entrepreneur, and sales marketing director for Corazon by Sigmund Designs, I am dedicated & inspired by the good feedback & support of people around. So our mission is to deliver not only good quality products & services but a remarkable & impressive experience doing business with us.

Registry Image: Grand opening of Store-Philippines

Featuring Bridesmaid dress-Corazon by Sigmund designs

Red Bridesmaid dress

Flower Girl Dress

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Smile Like U Mean It
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"We capture every moment of your special day!"

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Offering nationwide service for wedding photography

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Fabulous Fashion and Events
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Weddings bring out the best in some people and the worst in others. You will be surprised at who's who by your big day. Bring me your dreams of the perfect wedding and I can make them happen... Be as hands–on as you like, with someone else to manage the details!

The wedding industry is geared to grab your money and stress you out, dress sizes are two sizes too small and three times too expensive, stores only carry up to a size 12 in street clothes for you to try on, leaving you to feel totally depressed and frustrated and angry while trying to plan what is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life! I say, NO MORE!

Be the princess you were meant to be on your big day! Didn't you have visions of various merchants bringing you samples of their very best offerings for you to choose from? Who wants to spend hours and hours finding one more resource for something either unsuitable, tasteless, or unaffordable? Wouldn't you rather choose an invitation style from three to five proofs that fit with your color scheme and the overall "feel" of your wedding? Browsing through endless websites and books is fun for an afternoon, but making a final selection is so much easier with samples in your hand. Would you like someone to "blame" over the things you want when your mother/his mother/some stranger questions your taste or decisions? Would you like to have someone else running around sampling seventeen varieties of lemon cake to bring you the best three samples to choose from?

Then I'm your gal! I will organize the decorating team, book the rehearsal dinner, find the right caterer, book the band or DJ, deal with the florist, proof, stuff and mail your invitations, work with the photographer to make sure you get your day captured, get the wedding favors organized, purchase and wrap the attendants and grooms gifts you've chosen, deal with the invitations, and I'm even a seamstress, so if you need a custom made wedding gown or dresses for your wedding party, we can work that out too. I'll even plan your bridal shower and organize, stuff and mail the thank you notes for you to write afterwards!

I can even plan your honeymoon or destination wedding from afar, right down to booking events and reservations and airline tickets and working with the local service providers at the location of your dreams. Remember the story of the little Dutch boy with his finger in the dike, plugging a leak that saved the country? You won't even know there's a leak, and I have a lot of fingers!

I can even do "theme" weddings, Renaissance, English High Tea, Evening Goth, Jazz Party, Picnic Brunch, Luaus, you name it!

Call me today and let go of the stress! Let your wedding day be a wonderful experience you will cherish the memories of forever.

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