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(#3704)   Carolyn Templeton
Member since: 01/12/2010

Hi, My name is Carolyn Templeton. I have been doing Photography as a hobby since i got my first camera at age 11. I just recently in the last 10 years became serious about Photography. I live in North Alabama and will Travel the North Alabama areas.Templeton Photography in North AL and surrounding areas provides professional photography and digital photography.While family portraits are a specialty, Templeton Photo also photographs maternity portraits, baby portraits, children portraits, high school senior portraits and graduation portraits.Engagement portraits and wedding portraits can be created on location. Wedding photography, featuring beautiful coffee table albums. Retouched portraits and Photoshop editing make Templeton Photography stand out. Commercial photography, product photography, advertising photography and public relations photography round out the services. Templeton Photography produces copies of old photos and photo restoration, creating archival photo reproductions and new copies that look authentic. Fine portraiture, custom printing, creative locations and perfect lighting make Templeton Photography your photographer for life. I offer competitive rates and deals.Please email me to schedule a session today!

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