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I originally went to school for Geography and Environmental Studies and I am currently attending Denver University for Natural Resource Management. I enjoy being a career student and intend to get a Phd in the field of agriculture for the purpose of getting into the political sphere with the goal of restoring the family farm.

I fell into this business mainly because I enjoy finding "the diamond in the rough" at thrift stores. Living in Colorado, and the west in general, it is difficult to obtain a job working outside. I am not a prideful person at all, so getting a 9–5 low pay job would be sufficient, however I have two children that would need to be in daycare. Therefore the pay would not be acceptable, neither would the cost to my family. This vintage clothing business is fullfilling my desire to be a productive citizen of the world. My hope is that someday when I start getting a profit I can donate to a high performing non profit that deals with developing nations

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