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Moral Code


Fashions.Org is an online community, which is dedicated to ensuring the safety of each and every member and visitor. For this reason, we have instituted a moral code to guarantee a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

All members and visitors are expected to abide by a moral code in the conduct of their use of the web site. Members and visitors are expected to act in a way that does not demean, deface or devalue the site, trademarks, or its members and guests.

Members and visitors are prohibited from posting material depicting nudity, sex, illegal drug use, or acts of violence.

Members and visitors should understand that individuals as young as thirteen are invited to use the site. As such, members and visitors are prohibited from conducting themselves in a way that violates the local, state or federal laws for their locality, the locality of Fashions.Org, and the laws of the United States of America.

Visitors ages 13-16 are free to surf the entirety of website with parental permission, but for their protection, they are restricted from submitting a profile to the International Fashion RegistryTM. While the images on this site are submitted by its members as fashion related, parents are warned that some images may contain content that includes:

We also restrict the posting of images, at our discretion, that may depict strong suggestions of nudity or sexual activity. Examples of images that we may deem as strongly suggestive of nudity or sexual activity include:

If any member or visitor locates inappropriate activities on the website, encourages that the activity be reported immediately.

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