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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there any fees to use the site?
A. There are no fees to use the site resources or to become a member.

Q. I am not a professional in the fashion industry, but I love fashions. Can I still be a member?
A. Yes. We created the category 'fashionista' for fashion enthusiasts.

Q. Is there any restriction for a fashion networking site from being a member?
A. We encourage all fashion networking sites to join under the category 'online networking'.

Q. I can't find my business listing in the International Fashion Registry?
A. It may take upto 12-24 hrs for your business listing to appear.

Q. I placed a classified ad, but it did not appear?
A. Posting an ad is a two step process. Check that you selected the 'post' button after you submitted the ad. Once posted, it may take upto 24 hrs to appear in the classified ad section.

Q. I added an avatar and bio on the listing page, but only the bio appeared?
A. The avatar and bio have separate submit buttons.

Q. Can I set all my information to private?
A. Yes. You can set all your information private and not be listed in the Registry by checking the 'Do Not List me in Registry (private only)' option in the member Listing page.

Q. How do I remove my email address from my listing in the Registry.
A. Your email address in your profile is never made public. It is used strictly for us to verify your account and to communicate. You may publish an email address in your business contact section in the member Listing page.

Q. How do I unscribe to the newsletter?
A. You can unscribe to our monthly newsletter by selecting the 'Opt-out for email newsletters' in the member Profile page.

Q. I am looking for a seamstress? A. We provide a directory (city/state) of seamstresses that are available for work. The directory is in the community section of the site.

Q. How does the company make money?
A. Currently, the company operates solely as a community themed site and is solely funded by two of the founders.

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